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Want to become a member?

$20 PER PERSON    |    $30 FOR A FAMILY

Membership benefits include:

• Opportunity to meet and interact with Japanese delegates

• Opportunity to visit Kariya through homestay program

• Discounted meals/events during delegation visits

Attend free events and meetings related to Japanese culture

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Must be a resident of Mississauga or have a close connection (i.e. City of Mississauga employee or member of community group). Membership fees are payable in person at the first MFA event you attend.

Images 1 and 3 are courtesy of Sairi Suhara.

Want to Travel to Japan? 


Kariya Homestay Experience

• 5-7 days in Kariya, Japan

• Stay in a Japanese home

• Participate in Canadian cultural exchange

• Attend welcome and farewell banquets

• Includes one day sightseeing in Kyoto or other tourist destination

• Includes opportunity to wear kimonos

• Free day with host family for unique social experience

• Variety of cultural/sightseeing activities in Kariya that can include visit to Mississauga Park & Kariya City Hall, sumo wrestler practice, indigo dying, visit to art gallery, etc. (schedule varies)

• All food, transportation and activities while in Kariya are covered 

• Flight to Japan, gifts for host family, personal shopping and spending money at own expense

Please see our policy for complete details. Delegates are selected through an application process. Priority is given to Mississauga residents and those who can host a Japanese delegate and/or who can significantly assist with planning events. 

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Learn more about the Exchange Experience!

From Canada Day celebrations to Trips to Kyoto!

MFA Members Mary and Julie share their experience hosting Kariya delegates and their own Kariya Homestay. Learn more about the experiences a trip to Japan with the MFA delegation can bring through their eyes.

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